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"Communicating what is frequently left unsaid; to deliver an insight into that detail we may not always perceive, or that we sometimes try to ignore"


One to one sessions & workshops offered in
English, Italian, Spanish, Hindi & Gujarati.

Human Givens Psychotherapy

Solution focused psychotherapy sessions to meet your needs. Fast & effective solutions without a lifetime of therapy.

Personal & Skills Coaching

Coaching sessions to help you reach your full potential & fulfil your life ambitions.

Therapeutic Photography Sessions

Photographic sessions to explore relationship with the self, including body, mind & spirit.


Movement, mindfulness & meditation workshops for personal development
& body positivity.

Human Givens Psychotherapy

Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma or addiction?
Do you want a fast and effective solution, without a lifetime of therapy?
Then get in touch…
I have been working in mental health and personal development for almost 10 years. My approach is holistic, integrative and solution focused. It encompasses the cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal, whilst harnessing the power of the imagination to deal with mental and emotional distress in the here and now.
I can support you to:
• Reduce anxiety including panic attacks, phobias and OCD
• Break the cycle of depression
• Resolve trauma including PTSD
• Manage anger
• Stop addictive behaviour
• Alleviate eating disorders
• Improve relationships

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Personal & Skills Coaching

Are you looking for practical support to identify your needs, achieve your goals and reach your potential?
Then contact me for a coaching session.
I have been supporting people to identify and attain their life goals for numerous years, privately and for the NHS, including those with mental, neurological, cognitive and physical health conditions.
I combine the knowledge and powerful experiences gained from my academic and self-development trainings to create coaching sessions specific to your needs.
The safe space will allow you to enquire and explore, to guide and be guided, to find what you seek.
Let’s make your dream a reality, get in touch.

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Meet Sonalle

‘Sonalle thirsts for a deeper knowledge and understanding of universal life and society. She travelled for almost ten years through Europe, Asia and Latin America observing and participating in the kaleidoscope of cultures and sights encountered. Now driven by the desire to transform her journey, Sonalle is progressing, through her own unique narrative, to communicate what is frequently left unsaid; to deliver an insight into that detail we may not always perceive, or that we sometimes try to ignore.'
Emerging Future 100 Winner.

Professional Registrations

HCPC Registered Practitioner

Academic Qualifications

Human Givens Psychotherapy Diploma (Human Givens Institute)
M.A. Cross Sectoral & Community Arts (Goldsmiths)
P.G. Dip. The Application of the Arts in Education (Institute of Art Therapy in Education)
Dialectical Behavioural Therapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Certificate

Personal Development Qualifications

Inner Dance Facilitator Certificate (Inner Dance UK)
Biodanza Diploma (International Biodanza Federation)
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certificate
Coaching Certificate

Photographic projects

Want to know about Exhibitions, Publications & Clients?

We are always open to interesting projects.

  • My 1st Human Givens session was mind blowing, I felt that the weight of the millstone around my neck had been lifted & smashed to pieces. I now find that when adult me feels like ending it all, little me interjects with her desires to continue. I have found a new purpose in life thanks to my amazing therapist. Long may she continue to shed light on people’s dark corners.
  • With Sonalle's gentle holding presence, I was able to enter into a sweetly sensitive exploratory encounter with myself that succeeded in clearing a lot of density that had built up around painful emotional experiences from both my past & present. I discovered that I was able to transcend my ‘story’ & imagine more empowering possibilities. I am so grateful for her warmth, skill, breadth & range of experience & ability to transmute her gifts with such grace & humility.
    Social Worker
  • Sonalle held a beautiful space, without direction, each time empowering me to unfold a very different essence of myself in a place of not-knowing.
    Executive Director
  • Sonalle’s empathy put me at ease with the belief that my welfare was of paramount interest to her. Secrets which I divulged to Sonalle became only minor facets of my life. I had never before divulged everything about my inner life to any one person & the lasting benefit has been an increased openness with people about my life.
    Support Worker
  • Although I was somewhat nervous about attending, as soon as I walked in I felt I was amongst friends. The absolute glee & delight of the facilitator was infectious, she was clearly having as much fun as the participants & we laughed so much & had so much fun. I can hardly believe it was all so easy.

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Psychotherapy | Coaching | Photography

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